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Pratt's Towing: A Reliable 24/7 Towing, Auto Repair And Roadside Service Company For Deltona, FL - Orange City, FL

Roadside service assistance is a handy service when you're involved in a collision, or if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Having a reliable 24-hour towing and auto repair company that's ready to come to your aid anywhere and any time can be of huge help. Pratt's Roadside service towing, auto repair and semi towing company is a leader when it comes to roadside service assistance. We service the Deltona and Orange City area.

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Abandoned or deserted cars left parked unsecured on the sides of interstate roads are an ideal target for carjackers. As a roadside service we not only have a professional responsibility to commit to our towing contractual guarantees, but we also strive to protect your interests at all times during the towing process.

So having a roadside service telephone number is one checklist you should tick before heading out on a trip just in case there's no internet and you're stranded.

As a seasoned Deltona towing company we have a diverse towing portfolio that also includes semi towing. Trucks are also our specialty, offering flexible semi towing rates and temporary auto repair in and around Deltona. The popularity of semi towing is evident. 70% of transported goods in the U.S.A are delivered via semi trucks, so our semi towing facility is well serviced.